Why Massage is Good Medicine!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

If you have put off the sometimes awkward first visit to a massage therapist because you don't feel you deserve to be pampered, then its time you recognize what pampering yourself is really worth. If peace of mind isn't enough motivation to get in for that massage, look no further than the team here at IMBT for permission to receive the benefits of bodywork. To make it even easier, let me give you all the excuses you need to receive a massage as a vital component of your medical maintenance routine. That way you can enjoy that pampered feeling knowing that it is all for your health.

Massage therapy has taken many forms since first being implemented as a healing modality for Royalty in China and Egypt more than 2000 years ago. As time has passed, massage therapists have refined their techniques to help you live a healthier and more balanced life, and has become even more accessible to anyone looking to improve their health. In the last 50 years massage therapy has began to make progress reclaiming the true merits of the techniques with research showing massage to be effective for a wide range of health factors such as; reducing stress, pain relief, improving immunity, and lowering blood pressure .

Most people accept the premise that massage therapy is useful for stress reduction, however it is still underutilized by many people who would benefit from it. When you consider that chronic stress can lead to disease by hindering the body's natural healing systems, managing stress becomes less a privilege, and more a vital part of staying healthy and happy. Relaxation and recovery are looked down upon as lazy in our fast paced society. All too often we are encouraged to tolerate high levels of stress, and we fail to recognize the damage that chronic stress can cause to our body. Simply shutting of the fight or flight response of our nervous system doesn't seem like it would do much to affect our health, but coincidentally, relaxation is the key to unlocking our ability to heal from disease, and should be motivation enough to schedule that massage.

The proven connection between stress and disease, and the validation of massage therapy through modern research, certainly helped shift perceptions of massage beyond a simple self indulgent luxury. Pain relief, stiffness, spasms, injury recovery, migraines, and many others make t