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From Painful Periods to Whole Body Health

There is a lot of research being conducted to understand the role of inflammation and disease. Now you might not think that your menstrual cycle isn't an important part of the inflammation conversation, but it turns out that for many women periods are the perfect place to start learning about the role of inflammation in their body. In fact, the inflammation process that accompanies the menstrual cycle is one of the best examples of the purpose of inflammation. It highlights how the inflammation process correlates to a cleansing and repair process that disguards damaged tissues, improves blood flow, and increases detoxification responses. The vasodilation and increased vascular permeability that occurs during menstruation is the same as swelling to an injured joint. It can leave the tissues feeling sensitive or painful depending on the severity of the inflammation or the toxicity of the tissues. The female body is set to go through this cycle every 28 days on average, and for many women it is too often an uncomfortable, if not painful experience. Difficult and painful periods are common, but they are not normal. If you are experiencing a lot of pain or discomfort around your periods, there may be some some reason why you are not recovering quickly from menstration with only mild symptoms. Looking at the abdominal tissues more broadly and considering other all the potentials for inflammation contributing to painful periods can give you a much more effective pathway to avoiding dreading a painful cycle each month. .

Abdominal Massage is a great way to improve lymphatic motility. Keeping your lymphatic system flushed and moving freely is critical preparation for the inflammation that will also accompany your periods. When menstruation comes it brings inflammation with it, so you'll want to prepare your body even if you do a simple abdominal protocol for yourself at home. Think of the time before, during, and after your periods as the best time to detoxify. You know that inflammation is a normal part of the menstrual cycle, and it's function is to cleans and detoxify. You might as well go with it and try to capitalize of the benefits of inflammation if your going to have to put up with the downsides. You can get the most out of it by making sure to keep your body toxicity down. This means healthy foods, no binge drinking except for water, and making sure you are still doing some moderate movement or exercise. Now is the time to keep things moving so get in for a massage if you feel like you need a lymphatic boost before or after your cycle.

You can also use supplements to provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal from inflammation quickly. Keeping your lymphatic system clean, and your immune system in tip top shape will reduce total inflammation and minimize symptoms. You can boost your immune system health, as well as provide nutrients for healthy new cells by following a simple vitamin protocol. Vitamin A,B,C and D are critically important so supplementing them can be very useful especially around period time when your body needs them the most. Ideally, your body would go through your cycles with only mild disruption from pain or fatigue. The a ideal circumstances of female reproductive health should always include a quick recovery from mild menstrual symptoms. We have talked about two ways you can improve inflammation, and with just a few more simple steps to go, you could be on your way to the pain free period.

Menstrual pain and inflammation sits right at the center of abdominal inflammation in general. Women have a unique relationship with abdominal inflammation, but many people, male and female, relate to abdominal inflammation. Of course we can't talk about abdominal inflammation without addressing what we feed our body every day. Whether by cause or correlation, abdominal inflammation from female hormones, and dietary inflammation can both contribute to abdominal inflammation. It is possible that chronic food related inflammation might be underlying the painful imbalances exacerbated by the addition of menstrual inflammation. Menstrual inflammation on top of chronic abdominal inflammation due to poor diet is not ideal, especially when ideally the body would be as healthy as possible to accommodate the menstrual cycle. The more exhausted and overrun your body is at the time of repair, the more likely it is to make mistakes and a wide range of physiological conditions can arise from chronic inflammation. This is why the female reproductive system is particularly vulnerable to disease. The fact that high abdominal inflammation is expected every 28 days at the reproductive organs, along many people suffering with chronic dietary inflammation, is leading to multi factor increases in female reproductive problems. Anyone who has chronic abdominal inflammation would be wise to address it immediately, but women in particular should feel empowered to understand their abdominal inflammation especially if they are feeling lots of pain or discomfort.

People do get results from making the lifestyle changes that reduce their abdominal inflammation. Massage can help keep the blood and lymphatic vessels clear of obstruction. A personalized diet to reduce food sensitivities, some simple vitamin supplementation, and plenty of sleep can literally flip the switch on the total inflammation in your body. Not only does this drastically reduce painful period symptoms, but it also helps your body in every other way that inflammation might be negatively affecting your body. Relieving pain and discomfort comes down being whole body healthy, and solving your menstrual imbalances consciously and systematically. Eventually you will start to feel energized and empowered by you healthy periods and all the other benefits that come with it.



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