Gastro-Immunity Testing

When it comes to transforming your life there really are two significant health categories that must be addressed simultaneously in order to achieve a significant change. Mental and Physical Health underpin all other perceptions of success, so without them there exists very little genuine satisfaction in life.  We all recognize the two categories by name, but we don’t always acknowledge them as though we could achieve mastery in these areas. The truth is I see people give up all the time because they feel like there is some invisible force holding them back from achieving their health goals.  I’m not here to argue, I believe they are probably right. I felt the same invisible force in my own life. The mistake most people make is believing that the mysterious force that stands in their way is outside or above them, when really it is a force that exists inside them. 

Mental health problems are a mixture of physiological imbalances and learned behaviors, but mental clarity is less about being a great thinker, and more about having your physical and emotional body in order. When I say there is an invisible force holding you back from your health goals, I don’t mean that in the often-frustrating context of your mental health.  What I mean when there is literally an ecosystem or organisms inside you that when out of balance can disrupt your cellular tissues, and spark chaos in your digestive immune system.  These forces must be addressed if they are out of balance or it is almost impossible to make any real transformation to your nervous system, and you will continue to be far less effective in most situations.  Including work, family, friendship, as well as memory and skill development. The fact is your gut health matters, and it matters more than just about anything else. If you don’t look at it proactively, you may very well be fighting a battle against an invisible force. What’s worse is that without knowing what the landscape of your digestive health looks like, there isn’t much chance that you will have the tools to recover from and win the battle. 

I made the most progress in my health when I realized how my limited ability to achieve mental and physical self-mastery was both an aspect of poor physical health, and social conditioning that guided me to pursue skill for money rather than happiness.  I’ve since realized I would much rather make less money mastering the many different skills and attributes it takes to be a healthy person. In the same spirit I will continue to accommodate what my digestive system needs to be healthy so that I can thrive and be happy. At times this means skipping on certain kinds of foods, but