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Gastro-Immunity Testing

When it comes to transforming your life there really are two significant health categories that must be addressed simultaneously in order to achieve a significant change. Mental and Physical Health underpin all other perceptions of success, so without them there exists very little genuine satisfaction in life.  We all recognize the two categories by name, but we don’t always acknowledge them as though we could achieve mastery in these areas. The truth is I see people give up all the time because they feel like there is some invisible force holding them back from achieving their health goals.  I’m not here to argue, I believe they are probably right. I felt the same invisible force in my own life. The mistake most people make is believing that the mysterious force that stands in their way is outside or above them, when really it is a force that exists inside them. 

Mental health problems are a mixture of physiological imbalances and learned behaviors, but mental clarity is less about being a great thinker, and more about having your physical and emotional body in order. When I say there is an invisible force holding you back from your health goals, I don’t mean that in the often-frustrating context of your mental health.  What I mean when there is literally an ecosystem or organisms inside you that when out of balance can disrupt your cellular tissues, and spark chaos in your digestive immune system.  These forces must be addressed if they are out of balance or it is almost impossible to make any real transformation to your nervous system, and you will continue to be far less effective in most situations.  Including work, family, friendship, as well as memory and skill development. The fact is your gut health matters, and it matters more than just about anything else. If you don’t look at it proactively, you may very well be fighting a battle against an invisible force. What’s worse is that without knowing what the landscape of your digestive health looks like, there isn’t much chance that you will have the tools to recover from and win the battle. 

I made the most progress in my health when I realized how my limited ability to achieve mental and physical self-mastery was both an aspect of poor physical health, and social conditioning that guided me to pursue skill for money rather than happiness.  I’ve since realized I would much rather make less money mastering the many different skills and attributes it takes to be a healthy person. In the same spirit I will continue to accommodate what my digestive system needs to be healthy so that I can thrive and be happy. At times this means skipping on certain kinds of foods, but with a clear map of what I should and shouldn’t be eating, Its totally worth the sacrifice. 

While our emotions are highly dependent on the foundations laid in how we take care of hunger, anger, loneliness, and being tired; our self-talk is a story narrative told on the foundations that our emotions make possible for our mind.  If our emotions our stressed or inconsistent, the narrative that runs in our self-talk will also be built on stress and inconsistencies. In the same way that our emotions are dependent on our physical wellbeing, our mental self-talk is dependent on the quality of our emotions. 

It is rather intuitive that all these categories of health are important, mental, emotional, and physical. What is less intuitive, is the reality that our immune system also has a say in the emotional and mental wellbeing available to us in our life. In the same way that being tired and hungry can make you angry until you solve the root problem by eating and resting, I realized that there are times in my life where my immune system experiences triggers of physical distress that make anger the only emotion that feels natural. For me this was related to stressful living environments as a child, and immune sensitivities to foods like eggs, tomatoes, and peppers that caused gut permeability and inflammation. (It’s a shame because I love Mexican food and salsa.)  I also eventually realized that it wasn’t worth eating those things when I felt so much better without them.  I’m not suggesting that just taking out a few foods is all it takes to transform your life, that would be dishonest, but I am saying it easy to turn an understanding of your digestive immunity into a completely different foundation for health and prosperity in your life. 

Imagine as an example what it might be like to live the first 25 years of your life with a mild/moderate viral cold or bacterial infection. Stuffy nose, sore throat, achiness, and fatigue. Bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. (I know, all the stuff nobody wants to talk about and there is never a serious remedy for.)  Then one day you stopped eating nightshades and it all goes away. For the first time in your life you're don’t feel sick. You can smell when you breath and you have the energy to achieve go out and chase your dreams.  A whole new set of emotions open at that point. Positive feelings about yourself and others that were missing. Family, friends, and relationship all seem more worth it.  The story you tell yourself and others could easily be built on these types of positive emotions of success. 

There is a secret opportunity to be had by understanding your own digestive immunity profile.  70% of our immunity has dependency on gut health. We know it for sure when we are feeling ill, because our stomach is often the first thing to let us know. This gastro immunity is also the reason for such strong correlations between IBS, Crones, Celiac, Auto-immunity, constipation, arthritis, dementia, and many other conditions including mood disorders that have a corollary association with inflammation in the gut and IgG IgA auto-immunity. The same type of cells that are responsible for fighting of and providing immunity to foreign parasites, bacteria, fungi, and virus (Yes, don’t worry we will talk about testing for those too) also activate when trying to clear the blood of food related proteins that are not properly digested.   

Having a high IgG / IgA antibody load for a long period of time, whether due to gut permeability or infection, can severely limit the body's ability to respond to foreign infection. (Especially relevant in personal viral resistance in the post Covid-19 world) It also increases the frequency an individual is emotionally triggered initiating the sympathetic nervous system. This is a keep point in understanding the microbiome as it relates to mood disorders.  This change in sympathetic nervous system is the same change that would occur if you were to come down with an illness such as the common cold.  In the case of a cold, eventually your immune system will override the invader and you will recover. In the case of food, if you are continually eating something that is causing an immune response, you might spend years feeding the inflammation pattern. Without understanding that many stress factors come together at the from gastro-intestinal immunity of your gut, it is difficult to see what the root problem is. It is easy to understand how in these conditions a disease cycle is formed, and individuals feel hopeless and exhausted from never achieving a clear picture of how to optimize their health. 

What is great is that there is wave of new consumer tests that provide the high medical standards of traditional FDA approval using at home tests that clients can use to optimize their health and prevent disease. It is a huge advancement in the health industry to have simple tests that empower individuals to understand what their own digestive and immune response are. Limiting intestinal performance could be disconnecting many people from what they would be capable of without the limitations of gastro-intestinal stress.  For professional athletes and performers, it might literally be keeping them at the top of their game.

Long-term chronic food sensitivity and gut permeability issues  happen because of two reasons.  Either the cells of the digestive tissue are damaged or the junctions between the cells are damaged. Depending on the condition the chronic feeling of can be that of illness, fatigue, pain, or  auto-immune related responses to our own proteins as white bloods cells try to remove our own cellular tissues from our blood, or a moderate food sensitivity as white blood cells try to remove unwanted food proteins due to gut permeability. The first step in recovery from poor gut health is to find out exactly what is going on.

Let's jump in to the Vibrant Wellness lab tests that are available at These tests can be done to gather information and recommendations for many forms for health optimization. Let's look at the tests that relate to gastro-immunity and digestive health specifically.  If you haven’t been introduced to the huge advancements in function home health testing, I'm excited to share with you the most important home health tests that you can do to improve your mental and physical health outcomes.

Our mission is to give you the best value for the information available.  We charge very little for the service of providing these tests to the public because we believe they change lives. If you would like a more in-depth consultation around testing or supplementation, please reach out to us and we will design a coaching plan to work for you. If you would like to read more about what is offered in each of the three tests, there is plenty more to learn about below! Or ask a question in the chat at www.

  1. Gut Permeability and Wheat Zoomer test kits are offered through a leading FDA approved laboratory and provide comprehensive reports to evaluate gut permeability and wheat/gluten intolerances. This test gives a clear picture of the health of intestinal cells and tight junctions, as well as any associated wheat or gluten intolerances.  Most of the time you will pay $600 dollars to receive this test in a doctor's office, but I’m so passionate about getting these test in the hands of people who need them that I offer them for $75 more than the lab cost.  For $275 dollars you can do the test at home and find out if there is more discovery to do in understanding your perfect digestive immunity profile. Order at

  2. The next step is a Gut Zoomer test kit, a stool sample that provides a complete microbiome, metabolite, pancreatic enzyme, pre/pro biotic, liver function, and pathogen panel (bacteria, virus, fungi). This test has many dietary and supplemental suggestions for healing your unique microbiome imbalances, along with ideas about how to improve digestion and assimilation. A high microbiome diversity has been shown to be associated with higher levels of life satisfaction.  This is because the microorganisms in your gut have a relationship with the food that you eat, and the lining of your digestive system, to form what should be an effective filter for what should and shouldn’t be inside of your body.  This test could cost you anywhere from $1000-1200 in a clinic, but you can do the test at home and if you order it from you’ll pay $500. Again, there isn’t much profit here for our service, we just want to get the test out to you so that you can start benefiting from this transformation in home health testing.

  3. The last step in our digestive immunity profile is an IgG food sensitivity profile to identity any foods that are causing a high immune reaction, and subsequently chronic inflammation in the body.  This panel can be used to identify foods that will cause chronic immune reactions in your body, and the severity to which they cause a problem. While most IgG responses are relatively mild, prolonged exposure to large quantities of a food that you are creating inflammation will cause consequences over time.  It's good to be informed about what to be on the lookout for, even if you aren’t perfectly strict with avoiding all your sensitivities all the time. This test is $400 and includes a free food additives profile as well in case there are any food additives that you should avoid. This test can be done at home as well, with a finger prick needle and a few drops of blood.

That’s it. It's that easy. Three tests that you can do all the tests at home and they all have a comprehensive report for you to follow within 2.5 weeks.

We will collect your birthdate and gender at purchase for the lab. Your kits are delivered to your home and include simple instructions for collecting the samples.   Send the test back to the lab via included prepaid FedEx and that’s it.

For $1175 you can do a complete gastro-immunity evaluation and have money left to optimize it with supplements that are recommended on your custom reports.

The best part is that you can do all of this from home without the need to visit a doctor's office or make a consultation. 

Understanding our microbiome and its relationship with immunity is the secret to health in the 21st century, and it is particularly exciting for those whole like the idea of taking control of their health. It's an amazing time to be discovering our health with some many tools at our fingertips. 

I can’t wait help you take this revolutionary first step to physical, emotional, and mental health.



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