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Scottsdale Massage Therapist


Brandie is a profoundly qualified massage therapist and dedicated educator who’s knowledge, and 18 years of experience, promises unparalleled results.  As a teacher of advanced massage modalities and holistic healthcare principles, Brandie’s love for massage is born out of a desire to provide comfort and encouragement to others while supporting their unique personal goals. Her mindful dedication is perfect for discovering deep relaxation, as well as improving physical performance at the highest level.  Her balanced approach to health and happiness, along with her techniques of structural integration, allow Brandie to provide improved mental and physical balance for many of her clients. Her experience has lead her to perfect the medical massage protocols that provide such incredible relieve for her clients. With insight into gut brain connection, abdominal organ massage, and personal health, Brandie is a leader in innovative solutions to complex health goals. 


Daniel provides compelling and effective coaching supported by a degree in holistic healthcare, transformation psychology, certifications in nutritional coaching, and specialized medical massage certificates.  He also a national provider of in Gut Permeability, Microbiome Analysis, and IgG/IgA food sensitivity testing through Vibrant Wellness. His expertise ensures a nutrition coaching experience that is guided by laboratory testing that supports your therapeutic goals. Daniel’s passion is driven by the belief that everyone deserves a healthy, stress free body, and he is confidant that health optimization testing will empower everyone to improve their overall health.  

Scottsdale Massage Therapist
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