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Complete Neurotransmitters and Hormone Metabolites
  • Complete Neurotransmitters and Hormone Metabolites


    Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that facilitate the transmission of signals from one neuron to the next across a synapse. Neurotransmitters influence and regulate a wide range of processes such as mental performance, emotions, pain response, and energy levels.


    Symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalances often overlap other conditions, and can be mistaken for sex hormone imbalances, chronic infections, GI distress, metabolic abnormalities, neurological decline, and chronic fatigue, to name a few.


    Hormones, especially adrenal hormones and sex hormones, are interconnected with neurotransmitters. An imbalance in adrenal and sex hormones could lead to neurotransmitter imbalances which could revert back to cause hormonal imbalances.


    Testing a combination of hormonal and neurotransmitter panels would provide a comprehensive assessment of the hormonal and neurotransmitter dysfunctions and their relationships, that could aid in identifying underlying causes of symptoms.


    By testing a comprehensive panel of neurotransmitters, clinicians can determine when symptoms are directly or indirectly related to neurotransmitter levels, and when additional testing may be appropriate.


    In order to assess the most comprehensive neurological health profile for your patient, the Vibrant Neurotransmitters panel should be run alongside a Neural Zoomer Plus, a Salivary Hormones profile, and/or a Gut Zoomer 3.0.


    Not Available in New York state
    Only healthcare providers licensed in their state may order laboratory testing.

    • Symptoms

      Conditions and Symptoms Associated With Neurotransmitter ImbalancesInclude:

      • Mood disorders: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder
      • Loss of mental focus: ADD, ADHD, brain fog
      • Adrenal dysfunction
      • Fatigue
      • Insomnia
      • Aggression
      • Behavioral disorders
      • Addiction and dependency
      • Hormone abnormalities
      • Loss of appetite control
      • Weight gain / weight loss
      • Memory impairment
      • Migraines
      • Cravings
      • Low libido
      • Sexual dysfunction
    • Markers Measured


      • Serotonin
      • Dopamine
      • Norepinephrine
      • Epinephrine
      • Histamine

      Amino Acids

      • GABA
      • Glycine
      • Glutamate
      • Metanephrine
      • Tryptamine
      • Tyrosine
      • Tyramine
      • Taurine
      • Aspartate
      • Serine
      • 5-HTP
      • L-DOPA
      • Tryptophan


      • Acetylcholine
      • 5-HIAA
      • PEA
      • DOPAC
      • HVA
      • Normetanephrine
      • VMA
      • 3-Methoxytyramine (3-MT)
      • Oxytocin
      • Xanthurenic acid
      • Cortisol
      • Cortisone
      • Melatonin



      • Estradiol
      • Estrone
      • Estriol
      • Total Estrogen
      • 2-OH Estradiol
      • 2-OH Estrone
      • 4-OH Estradiol
      • 4-OH Estrone
      • 16α-OH Estrone
      • 2-MeO Estradiol
      • 2-MeO Estrone
      • 4-MeO Estradiol
      • 4-MeO Estrone
      • Bisphenol A


      • DHEA
      • Testosterone
      • Epi-Testosterone
      • Androstenedione
      • Androsterone
      • Etiocholanolone
      • 5α-DHT
      • 5α,3α-Androstanediol
      • 5β-Androstanediol
      • DHEA-S


      • Progesterone
      • Allopregnanolone
      • Allopregnanediol
      • 3αDihydroprogesterone
      • 20αDihydroprogesterone
      • b-Pregnanediol
      • a-Pregnanediol
    • Shipping & Handling

      Vibrant Wellness Lab Tests are Shipped for free within 3-5 business days and include free return shipping instructions.

    • HIPPA Compliance Agreement

      All of your personal information, including the results of your report are processed through Verified HIPPA complient software provided by Vibrant America. 


      As a service provider, IMBTherapies does not maintian owndership of any personal medical records provided to our clients on any company computers or devices.


      You will always have the ability to sign in to a client portal and view your reports, or request a copy of your report be sent to you by contacting be sent to you in the case that you loose any of your documents.   

    • Regulatory Statement

      Vibrant testing does not demonstrate absolute positive and negative predictive values for any disease state or condition. Its clinical utility has not been fully established. Vibrant validates the accuracy and precision of the testing but not of its clinical or diagnostic value. So these tests are for wellness and informational purpose only. Vibrant is actively doing clinical research on these samples, de-identified from patients under an IRB and will make research publications towards the same as and when the clinical utility is well established. These tests have been laboratory developed and their performance characteristics determined by Vibrant America LLC, a CLIA-certified laboratory performing the test CLIA#:05D2078809. The test has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although FDA does not currently clear or approve laboratory-developed tests in the U.S., certification of the laboratory is required under CLIA to ensure the quality and validity of the tests. The general wellness test intended uses relate to sustaining or offering general improvement to functions associated with a general state of health while making reference to diseases or conditions. Content provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Content provided to help you make a healthy lifestyle, dietary, and treatment choices in consultation with your healthcare provider. It is intended to be used as a tool to encourage a general state of health and well-being. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner for diagnosis and treatment considerations. The Vibrant Wellness platform provides tools for you to track and analyze your general wellness profile.

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