Delayed sensitivities to peptides in dairy can present up to 72 hours after consuming dairy foods. These sensitivities are based on IgG or IgA antibody-driven reactions and can affect both the local intestinal environment with acute symptoms, as well as the extra-intestinal systems from the skin, to the joints, brain, and other internal organs and tissue systems.


Detecting sensitivity to cow’s milk can be difficult due to its ubiquitous presence in the Western diet, symptom overlap with other common conditions, and the often delayed nature of sensitivity symptoms.


Vibrant has developed the Dairy Zoomer to answer the need for a comprehensive peptide-level test to detect with the highest sensitivity and specificity whether an individual is sensitive to any of the multiple peptides found in cow’s milk.


The Dairy Zoomer will also aid healthcare providers in determining if cow’s milk dairy may be at the root of an individual’s symptoms or medical conditions, and guide nutritional interventions based on specific lab results.


Not Available in New York state
Only healthcare providers licensed in their state may order laboratory testing.

Milk Component

  • Casein

    • αS1-casein & αS2-casein
    • β-casein
    • Beta-casomorphin (BCM 7)
    • K-casein


    • α -Lactalbumin
    • ß – Lactoglobulin
    • Serum albumin
    • Lactoferrin