• Grain Zoomer and grain-free diets are rising in popularity, but may not be appropriate for all patients. Some patients begin a grain Zoomer diet and experience the same or worsened symptoms. The Grain Zoomer can help detect grain sensitivity to commonly consumed grain zoomer, especially when symptoms are delayed hours or days later
  • The Grain Zoomer is an analytic tool to aid advanced practitioners in the detection of sensitivities to commonly consumed grain zoomer. It can answer the questions “Are your patient’s symptoms related to commonly consumed grain Zoomer after going on a grain Zoomer diet?” and “Is a Grain Zoomer diet appropriate for your patient?”
  • With the help of the Grain Zoomer, you can accurately provide a customized diet recommendation knowing whether a grain-free diet is appropriate or too limited in scope for specific patients
  • The Vibrant Grain Zoomer is an exclusive antibody panel which includes major proteins of common grain zoomer such as quinoa, sorghum, teff, and oats
  • A combined detection of both IgA and IgG reduces the possibility of missing reactivity to a food
  • Identification of peptides instead of proteins reduces the possibility of cross-reactivity with similar foods
  • Vibrant is the only company that utilizes a fluorescent method of detecting food sensitivities on a silicon chip


Not Available in New York state
Only healthcare providers licensed in their state may order laboratory testing.

Grain Zoomer

  • Grain



    Prolamin, Saponin, Globulin, Albumin, Seed Storage proteins, Vicilin like proteins, Legumin like proteins


    Kafirin, Albumin, Globulins, Glutelins


    Prolamin, Albumin, Globulin, Glutelin


    Avenin, Avenalin


    Glutelin, Prolamin, Alpha globulin, Albumin, Lipid transfer protein


    C hordein, C hordein-Omega Overlap, Gamma hordein, D hordein, B hordein


    Omega secalin, Secalin-Gliadin Overlap, HMW Secalin, Gamma secalin


    2s Albumin, 13s Globulin, BWp16 Epitope, Peanut-Buckwheat Overlap, BW10KD, Fag e 1, Vicilin-like protein, Expansin, TBb