Get In touch with your Gut with Visceral Manipulation

Abdominal massage, also referred to as visceral manipulation, is gaining popularity as an effective health care treatment for abdominal imbalances and discomfort. With so many of your vital health systems harmoniously located in the abdominal cavity, visceral manipulation provides massage therapists access to the gastrointestinal tract, important circulatory vessels, and other major organs. Improving blood flow and releasing restrictions in the organ tissue is a primary goal of visceral manipulation, and it makes sense that the effects of visceral massage would promote healing in many different layers of our body, after all everything is connected.

The GI system can benefit from abdominal massage in a few different ways. Diaphragmatic release techniques can help those suffering from acid reflux conditions by reducing diaphragmatic compression of the stomach. The same diaphragmatic releases can also be used to improve breathing volume, and improve asthma symptoms.