Pain Management

Home Care Top 5:  Low Back Pain

Identifying and adjusting the root causes of low back pain requires a comprehensive approach. These ten home care ideas will give you the knowledge and tools you'll need to reduce your low back pain.

  • Learn the potential causes of low back pain.

  • Exercises to unlock and improve lob back stability.

  • Important tools for Low Back Self Massage.


Avoid Movements That Hurt Your Back

I know this sounds trivial, and maybe it is, but seriously.  Stop doing things that hurt your back, like bending over to pick up dirty laundry.  Although, it not a great excuse for avoiding housework because lifting correctly is just as easy and more efficient.  It's not only the case that low back strain occurs from lift heavy items, holding positions of low back stability frequently or consistently can also cause low back strain.  This is particularly true in the case of sitting at the computer, which is well know for causing low back pain, and keeps constant low back strain from forming into  low back discomfort.  Fitness athletes will be familiar with the nuanced debates around how you should be using your back when lifting any type of weight. For the rest of us, understanding the simple body mechanics of safe lifting are enough the reduce low back pain. What we save in effort while picking things off the floor all day, we pay for in constant pain and unnecessary treatments.