Pain Management

Home Care Top 10:  Low Back Pain

Identifying and adjusting the root causes of low back pain requires a comprehensive approach. These ten home care ideas will give you the knowledge and tools you'll need to reduce your low back pain.

  • Learn the potential causes of low back pain.

  • Exercises to unlock and improve lob back stability.

  • Important tools for Low Back Self Massage.


Eliminate Food Related Anxiety

The correlating rise of auto-immune conditions and food intolerance, along with countless gut brain studies, suggest that Anxiety is directly related to digestive health. Thankfully, we have seen many people beat their anxiety.

Let us show you how to identify foods that are causing your anxiety, and naturally restore your body's sense of confidence and security.

  • Learn how Anxiety is a directly related to Environment.

  • Identify "Conscious" Anxiety and "False Anxiety".

  • Implement food strategies and measure  effectiveness.